Billa2 – Six Years of Glory

The Day July 13, 2012, were Billa-2 released. Expectation and excitement were sky high. The previous version of Billa has achieved blockbuster hit for Ajith’s career. This is the first film which tells the backstory of the film’s part 1.

Quite Interesting?

Like other Ajithkumar movies, this one is not much commercially packed. The movie narrates the story of don, actually the rise of don. This movie is the perfect example for cult films in Tamil industry. Around the Year 2012 number of cult films is very low, because the image actors had in the industry. But Ajith did a fantabulous job and nailed the character with his acting and mass screen presence.

The plot reveals how a refugee raises as a don. Even after 6yrs, the dialogues from Billa-2 was still refreshing.
The movie opens with the dialogue

”En Vazhkaila Ovvoru Naalum, Ovvoru Nimishamum, Yean Ovvoru Nodiyum Nana Sedhukkunathuda”

as like the dialogue the protagonist sculpt his entire life. It may suits Ajith Kumar’s life too.

If the Real backbone of the film is Ajith Kumar, the heart of the film is music and cinematography. RD. Rajasekhar handle the camera department and Each and every frame of the film is a visual treat, Every frame conceives the film and narrates the story to the audience. Geniuses of the industries will always speak about the quality which Hollywood movies provide, but Billa-2 delivers an international standard with the cinematography. Though the movie was not much acclaimed of the year still no one refuses to celebrate the music which music director Yuvan did. The background scores from the movie give goosebumps to the audience. In every transformation from refugee to don Yuvan scored an un-exceptional music. He nailed it through his guitars.

Last but not least the captain of the ship Chakri Toleti. The director of the film.

The story he took, the screenplay he wrote, the dialogues he used, the direction he did everything his mindblowing. He is the real hero of the film but not like Ajithkumar. The characterization of the characters involved in the films are well explained and well portrayed. After so long 6yrs we are celebrating this cult film because of the quality which delivered throughout the film and the major reason is THALA Ajith Kumar. No one can replace this man for this character. The reactions, body language, dialogue delivery, stunt performance in every aspect he carries the story throughout the film.

We will celebrate this movie in the coming years also. Because this is Billa 2.

“Aduthavangaloda Bayam dhan Nammaloda Balam”


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