FIFA 2018 – Who will win the Golden Boot and Golden Gloves award?

Three more matches to go in the 2018 FIFA World Cup. One semi-final, finals and a game for the third position. We expect the finals to be contested between France and England unless Croatia can surprise us with an outstanding performance.

We don’t have too many options for the Golden Boot award. The award given to the highest goal scorer in the tournament did not have many big names this time owing to the early exit of top teams in the world. Harry Kane of England has scored six goals, and his game against Croatia will be closely watched. According to Redoact, we feel it’s going to be Harry Kane all the way unless we Antoine Griezmann surprise us with hat-trick goals in the Finals.

We now move on to one of our favorite awards, earlier won by Manuel Neuer in 2014, IkerCasillas in 2010, Gianluigi Buffon in 2006, Oliver Kahn in 2002 and Fabien Barthez in 1998. If you look at the history, Golden Glove was won by World Cup-winning Goalkeeper.

ThibautCourtois (Belgium) had been one of the best in the tournament so far. Not to forget splendid performances by Kasper Schmeichel and Guillermo Ochoa.

Jordan Pickford showed his best performances in the matches against Colombia and Sweden, the most probable choice for Golden Gloves.

Hugo Lloris has not been the best Goal Keeper so far, though France has now moved on to Finals. He conceded three goals against Argentina but gave his best against Uruguay and Belgium.

With all the options listed above our Pick for Golden Gloves is Jordan Pickford. Will the award be given to the team that wins the world cup? In that case, can England beat Croatia and then France in Finals? We will have to wait till the weekend for all that.

But, if Jordan Pickford wins the Golden Gloves, he will become England’s first keeper to do so since Gordon Banks (1966)?

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About the Author:

Arun K enjoys watching cricket, football, Kabbadi, and Tennis. As a sanguine personality, Arun is known for his extensive network of friends. He is also an author of Crime Novel ‘Murderous Greed’, where he touches upon the over-desires of a man and its covert implications on unassuming, innocent people.


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