The First ever protest with “Baby” Balloon

Activists in London took-off a six-meter high balloon portraying Donald Trump as an orange baby in a diaper, ahead of the Donald Trump upcoming trip to the United Kingdom on July 13. The visit is expected to draw huge crowds in protest.

Leo Murray, 41, the British environmentalist who came up with the idea to make the balloon. “This is what we tried to do here, encapsulate in a very simple graphic metaphor, what the world understands Donald Trump to be.”

The balloon is being crowd-funded online with 2067 supporters donated £33,063 raised of £40,000 stretch target.  It costs about $1,050 to fill the balloon with helium but activists said the surplus funds could be used to take the balloon to the United States.

“We’re hoping the extra money is going to allow Baby Trump to go on tour, to visit the United States but also other assorted locations around the world where Donald Trump may be going,” says Murray. “Hopefully Baby Trump is going to start haunting him, following him around.”


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