The Tale of an Empty Chair


I stand on
Four legs
With varying sizes
Of waist surface.

I behold esteemed
Reverence and respect
Upon the place
I’m positioned.

I give and
Take honor from
My finishings and

Governmental promotions
Are classified upon
My placement
And design.

I am rated
On the criteria
Of comforts and
Luxury I provide.

I’m also an
Indicator of
Social status.

If heavier am
I, I’m too
Carry heavier
Weights without

I may be of
Wood, plastic, PVC,
Steel and still

People leave me
Warm, after use
And I will
have to stay
Cold, until used.

I sit all
Alone, until
Sits on me.

I’m an
Essential furniture
And yes, I’m

Ironies of my life.

The Bumps
That sits upon me
gets to
Choose me.
And I get
No choice to
The bumps that
I have to carry.

With no choice
Left with me,
I get to carry
All that’s upon me.

And yeah! I’m
The chair who
Isn’t valued
Much, as I’m
Just under
people’s butts.

One will know
My importance
When they lack
Me, to rest
Their butts!


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Author Ajay,

Bcs. Psychology Student in Chennai. An aspiring teen wishing to tingle people’s thought through his words. Let the complex thought triumph with simple actions and reactions we put forth.


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