Understand Middle Benchers Before You Regret

Films portrayed
Teachers praised
Still, they
Remain suppressed,
Stake of
Mid benchers

Last benchers
Disturb, deviate,
Enjoy, elate,
Sleep, still
Study and
Secure marks
And places
In school.

There’s no
Chance of
Finding last
Benchers lost
In life
They shine.

The school
Runs for
They don’t
Run races, but
Battle for
Marks, study
And secure
Scholastic triumphs.

Stake of
A mystery
Never known.

Still there
Votes win
Elections, but never
Were they in school
Selections- sadness.

They comprise
The class
Strength, but
Nobody is
Keen on their
Strengths and skills.

They live
Life just
To live.
Not modernly
Nor moderately.

They shine
Too, not
Too lustrous
Maybe, but their
Dim lives
Pave way
To others shine.

How they
Live is
Never talked
Nor anyone
Is interested too.

They start
Life with
Least attractions
And end the same.

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Author Ajay,

Bcs. Psychology Student in Chennai. An aspiring teen wishing to tingle people’s thought through his words. Let the complex thought triumph with simple actions and reactions we put forth.



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