An Elegant Nurse Invited a Nervous Man

It’s a very big day,
My colleagues on the way,
Some friends had come there
For supporting me staying near.

I stand weak
Separated from my wife.
It’s a tough situation and
A delicate part of my life.

I stand all alone
amidst a crowd.
I could hear her
voice screaming aloud
In pain and agony,
To deliver out
‘My’ correction ‘Our’ progeny.

My stomach groaned
Unusually upset with
Each passing second,
Unfortunately, time never
Ceased to move
and my nervousness
Seemed to grow!

9 months were
Surely bearable than
9 minutes today.
Everything’s worth the
Wait, and I a
bait to stationary time.

I had no hold
On myself. I even
Felt blank and cold.
I was preoccupied
By prayers laid
By my heart.
I was expecting
the moment of my promotion,
from my father’s child
To father my own child!

I wasn’t allowed
Inside the ward,
Lame rules of
Indian hospitals guard.
I had no choice,
But wait to rejoice
the moment I hold
my child, childishly.

A shrill cry
Confirmed my promotion,
Ending up my
Time tracking mission.

I restlessly moved to
See my child moving
in my embrace,
sound and healthy.

I walked like a mobile man
Of hyper nervousness,
miscible with extreme happiness.
Boy or a Girl?
I had equal preference
and waited with patience
to receive the child
and the mother proudly.

I expected a young
nurse to carry out
my child to me.
My friends too had
gathered around me
like the thoughts
that engulfed me.

The ward door
opened Apart.
“With two different
possibilities, probably
with a happy
and an unhappy endings”.


An elegant nurse
invited the nervous
man, she had
learned from her
experience how new fathers react and
how to be nursed.

The proud man
who had fulfilled
his adolescent dreams
paces into the
ward patiently.

The intense love
between the couple
had grown a
life of its own.
He pats himself
as he had grown
all the way
from a fondled
child to fondle
his own child.

The new mother
with extreme glitz
of completeness in
her eye gathers
enough strength to
sit straight, while
her man helps
her with all efforts,
forgetting for what
he had come in.

The same nurse
brings the child,
a fair new-born,
palm-sized Princess,
little and lovely doll
to the mother.
For the first time
her husband misses
to glare at a
beautiful lady nurse.

Proudly, the mother
rewards him her
9-month load,
the lovely daughter
to his nurture.

The excited him
embraces the tiny
girl, his doll and
kisses both of his
beautiful ladies,
who had added additional beauty to his life

He stands completely
in trance
and glares at
his daughter with
unbounded happiness that
which mean more than
any words could express.
Too abstract that can
only be felt and relished.


A young nurse
sprints out the
ward with
a nervous face that instilled fear in
everyone out there.

A mishap of
negative thoughts clouded
the soul and the mind
of the nervous man.
He wasn’t nervous anymore but trembled
to break down
feebly with infinite
cries his heart prayed.

Blood sachets were
brought back with
the nurse. People
out there weren’t
too numb to
procrastinate the situation.

Everybody consoles him
to stay stronger who looks fit,
but breaking down now,
assuring him nothing wrong could happen.
“It’s a multi-specialty hospital dude, don’t worry.”
His colleagues tried to move the cold man through their words.

Just meters away
from them, inside the
ward, the mother
seemed to be loosing
consciousness faster
than her slow pulses.

A beautiful daughter
for all her soaring
eyes could guess
longs to live with her.

sounded monotonously
and depicted no falls
and cliffs.

Doctors treated the
fainting woman with
all that they
could possibly do
to recover her.
Shock shook her
body, but couldn’t
bring back the
soul the body
deprived off.

The innocent Princess
lies little away
from her mother
who gave life
to her, but
isn’t alive anymore.

The sole sound
in the ward
was the monotonous
mourning of the heart monitor.
So silent was the child,
and little did it know, that
it had to mourn for its own mother on the day it was born.

Minutes later, after
recovering from
the unfortunate loss of life,
the ward door opens Ajar,
possibly with the
slowest pace and
saddest face, the chief doctor spoke melancholic.

“We did our best,
the pity woman
could not bear to live,
Sorry, Mr.”
he paused, seeing agony
in the eyes
of the man
who wasn’t expecting
this to happen.
He prays innocently
to reverse back time.
Still a bait to time,
Is he.

He stammers to
hear more. He
grows too weak to stand and stumbles.
His colleagues find it
too difficult to swallow
the lump, and to
understand how hollow
the situation is
grieve for the sorrow.

The nurse carried
the unnoticed crying child to her father,
which longed for
an embrace from her ‘parents’ correction ‘parent’.
He misses to
watch over the
nurse and also to
nurse his own Princess,

He stands still,
holding the unfortunate
little, lovely doll.
His tears rolled
down from his
eyes to the
soft skin of
the baby girl.

Has the birth
of her, destined
the unfortunate death
of her mother?
He grieves pushing
away from his thoughts.
He is too
weak to look
at his love’s,
lifeless body.
Instead, he glares
at his daughter
and notices the
exact inheritance from
her mother and
grieved even more.

Why had god
given his waiting,
his ever dutiful,
sinless life a
worst disaster.

Was it his
past life sins?
He stands still,
with his lovely
daughter in hand
and taking in
the bitter truth of his
love’s inexistence.

His heart throbs
in pain and
he felt EXTINCT
With no words to
describe his sourness.

The ward door
opened apart,
with two different
possibilities, with a
happy and
Unhappy endings.

Is there anything
in the hands
Of God that
could result precisely
with a happy ending
for the story, that
selfishly every reader’s
soul longs for.

But surely the
writers hands could
make sure the longing
souls get its desire
So does the story commences happily

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Author Ajay,

Bsc. Psychology Student in Chennai. An aspiring teen wishing to tingle people’s thought through his words. Let the complex thought triumph with simple actions and reactions we put forth.


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