Humanity within the Beast

Leela got engaged, her colleagues demanded a treat from her. She earned sufficiently and accepted soon reluctantly. Places were planned, dress codes discussed, and three choices were left to Leela. And Leela offered the expensive one, a price she offered to them who had priceless worth in her life.

It was long from the urban, out of town. Leela dressed up in a short elegant skirt. Her short stature and skirt suited her. The mirror image of herself complimented “sexy one you are! Lucky Vicky.”

Vicky the property holder of the engagement ring and the woman is held. He was in the city, abroad, Vatican city. It was sunshine there and as dark as black wine here. She sent him her photos and stared at 10:15 pm. She wore an overcoat to cover her exposure and save it a surprise for her colleagues.

In a 3/4 hour auto ride, she was there at ‘Lights out’. The interiors were much darker than the environment outside. As expected her colleagues were waiting outside for the passes from Leela. Wishing Leela everyone went inside. The club is itself a whole new world, just a darker one. With no lights, this must be the darkest place in the Milkyway.

Leela exposed herself with the very small, hot skirt, a nice yellow one, that glew in dim lights. Everyone was stunned to see such a woman Leela held in her. Every stranger in the stood stunning. Everyone except Leela drank, but she stayed firm to take care of the others. With so much of Josh and dance the temperature within increased and it was near 3:00 in the morning. Nobody was aware how time had flung. Men in her team took control of the women in her team and assured to drop them home.

With no restriction, Leela drank for the last time, but lost control and was pinned down already. It was nearly 4:00 while she was out from ‘light’s out’. She cried for an auto and got one very soon for her dress and the seducement it produced.  She moaned her address and offered extra money to carry her safely.

But the driver had other ideas. He was tempted down beyond the stomach like an uncontrollable itch needs to be satisfied. It wasn’t his fault. He was a human too. He wasn’t a saint who can never be seduced. He adjusted the rearview mirror for a clear reflection of the thighs of his sexy customer. With each passing minute, Leela lost her consciousness. The driver high on temptation stopped the auto in a dim place.

Absolutely, Leela was unconscious and the driver led his hands through Leela’s soft, flesh and pulpy thighs. He wasn’t human anymore. He closed the sheets, stripped his shirt and started molesting her. Leela at times could feel a man’s lusty touches. She was sure it wasn’t Vicky. She moaned in disbelief, anguish, and anger upon herself. She cried relentlessly in knowing that she is to be raped and has got only herself to Blame.

She prayed in pain, that she rather dies than be raped. She didn’t co-operate nor could she refuse. Meanwhile, the driver laid his hands upon Leela and started stripping her off…

But unfortunately for the driver, fortunate enough was Leela, the driver noticed an engagement ring on her hand. The beast brought himself back to normal. He was more human now, calm and composed. He had his sister’s engagement a month back. She didn’t wear such costly rings, but still a woman just like his customer, who could also fall prey to inhuman people. He humiliated himself, dressed back, regained composure, dressed up her too and drove her to her home.

He helped her to his mother without any lust now, handed her home safely and went back with a hard Rock guilt in his heart. He also left her a sorry note, assuring nothing wrong happened, excused the happenings to be an unfortunate temptation occurrence. He also left her his address if she still wanted him jailed for his inhuman activity…

Alas! What Leela did was to send her first invitation addressed to the driver, written: “for a superior human !”.
(Who didn’t take advantage of an unfortunate woman).

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Author Ajay,

Bsc. Psychology Student in Chennai. An aspiring teen wishing to tingle people’s thought through his words. Let the complex thought triumph with simple actions and reactions we put forth.


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