Is it a blessing or a curse to be Men

God has created Men and Women to serve a purpose in this world. Each one has a unique role to play at various stages of life. In this article, I would like to discuss Men and his life.


If you ask every man the best phase of his life would be his childhood. As a kid, when you are being raised by your parents, you will be poured with love and affection. You can be adamant, annoying, angry, a naughty or a crybaby. Doesn’t matter how you are, you will be still loved and cared for the most. The worse part would be, as men we don’t remember most part of their childhood due to one reason. When you read this article you would come to know that reason.


This is a stage where every men path will be decided, you can easily make the wrong decisions which will lead you to disaster. There are several reasons which will lead you to that way, “Love, Violence/Rugged, Money, Drugs/Drinks, Womanizer and goes on”, if you fail or fall on the wrong side of the road on one of these reasons you will be ended up in Hell. Alright, if you cross all these hurdles and there come studies. Engineering/Medicine/Arts whatever you name it, you have to break your head and study hard at least to clear these subjects. Because some of the subjects you wouldn’t even be aware of why you are studying it and what is the content of it. By the time you realize it, it will be too late as you will be attending your final exams. Somehow you manage to come out of college holding your degree at your hand and by that time your teenage is over.

Search is ON

The real search for Men happens to be, finding a Job. With their resume in hand, they would have to hunt for their jobs. They step out and knocks the door of many companies starting from small-scale companies to large-scale IT industries. By the time they get a Job they will realize, this job doesn’t serve the purpose on what he studied. He compromises himself, as his need to earn money for his family livings, for his parents, for his siblings. He works relentlessly in BPO’s, IT jobs with 24*7 shifts, spoils his health and earns meager, still, he feels happy about it up until this happens.

Marriage Life/Responsibility

This is the most crucial part of every man’s life, every man dream about his marriage day, up-until it happens and once after it happens they feel jealous of single men. At the initial part, it would go well and when you feel all is going well the expected twist happens. The quarrel between your Mother and Wife, if there is a war between countries you could still have a peace treaty signed and somehow manage to end it in peace. But, a quarrel between your mother and wife is never-ending war and the only solution would be, you are forced to come out of your parents. Coming out of your house where you lived all years and stay in a stranger’s apartment or house in a rent. Again, Men compromise themselves for a smooth relationship with Wife. Then come Kid and your responsibility doubles. He will try to jump over companies for better salary and it’s not that easy in the current competitive world. He has to do something he did in his teenage all over again forcefully, which is Study. He has to learn the new trending technology in the market and upskill his skillset. Once he gets to a job where he feels he got enough money, all his money turns to a fictitious. How much you earn it would never be enough in this modern era which you are in. Why is it not enough?


All your money and what you earn turns to be fictitious, as soon as your son/daughter schooling starts. The fees in kid’s school would be more than what you earn. Men’s still compromise as they wanted to give their kids the best of education and don’t want them to suffer like him. Then, he works day in and out to make them happy and give them the life they want. He wanted to earn money for his son/daughter savings and then end up in housing loan for a lifetime (20-30 years) for a house where you want to hold it as a property for your kids in future. Does it end here?

Purpose of life

After working all day long in office, they don’t rest themselves as men always care about his family and their happiness. He sacrifices his friends, weekends, for his family (wife & kids). Spends time and money for them. He ends up breaking his head at the beginning of every month to pay credit card debt. He stays in forever dept. Still, the most unappreciated creature in the world is men, he will be missed and cursed by his mother for leaving her. He will be cursed/blamed by Wife for NO REASON. Once his son/daughter grown up, they blame him for not giving luxurious life they need. He will also be blamed at the office for somewhere something went wrong. He stays patient all along and he compromises everything and lives his life.

There is no one who cares about his feelings, his tears, and his tortured life. He doesn’t expect that as well because all he does is, care for his family. He feels proud and happy, to see his family happiness.
End of his lifespan, he will get the repeat of what he did to his parents by his own kids and still he blames himself for all his mistakes, cries hard and dies one day.

This is the tribute to all men who live life selflessly. Compromises on everything in their life for their family.

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Author Senthil,

HCL IT Profession in Chennai. Passionate about watching and playing Cricket. Like watching and reading adventures stories. Have creativity thoughts and like to build my own beautiful imaginative world. Love playing with my Son Nihaan.


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