Struggles of Teen Parenting

You can learn many things from your teen. How much patience you have for instance said Franklin p jones.

Teen parent:” the desire to keep them small and dependent makes us bad parents. Why do kids don’t understand us?”

Teen kid:” the cherubic appearance of childhood is gone. We are looking at strangers in the mirror, with gawky facial features, hair, acne, eyes with dark circles trying to understand what I am. Why don’t parents understand us?”

So, yes teen parenting is really a very tough job. Sometimes the parent may even lose control and their poise. The base for problems between a parent and their teen kid is the generation gap leading to misunderstandings.

Teen problems

1. Change is the only constant:

The physical changes occur in the early teens and the emotional changes occur in the late teens, which give rise to the variety of social and emotional problems. This process of maturation and newly set in hormones have a serious effect, not only on the body but also on brain changing the moods and ideologies towards life. And they start developing a personal space and an individuality for themselves.

Parent’s reaction: when a teen says ‘ mom, knock on the door before you enter’. Her first question is ‘what are you hiding ? is it drugs, social media?’. They are never ready to accept the change in their children and understand the concept of private space.

2. Body image:

There is a big problem the teen may face-body shaming. They are in a state of conflict with their own mind- “health or zero size“. Instead of loving their hearts, they wish to be loved for their chick bodies and this has become a growing trend. And teens are pushed to follow the trend.

Parent’s reaction: Our parents are way too old to understand the trend. When we say “zero sizes,” they say “skinny, unhealthy”. They never accept their teens gyming.

3. Stress:

Most of the teens are students who try to become independent in their later teens. Some even are ready to step out of the house into the world. Stress is in alarming proportions to today’s teens. They need to balance their academic as well as their social lives with Grace. There is an immense responsibility posted on them to keep up their family names flying high. Apart from peer pressure, their personal relationship to becomes hard to handle on their own, adding to the stress quotient.

Parent’s reaction: parents believe that the concept of “teen stress” itself as a myth. They think that their children until, under their roof, are happy and stress-free and fail to recognize the stress behind their children.

4. Cyber Usage:

The internet has a pool of information, in which, sometimes the kids get drowned. The internet does provide with a wide range of socialization and information but also leads to so many cyber crimes and the teen being their easy prey. The Cyber usage of teens has been on a great increase after the introduction of the messaging apps leading to fake relationships too.

Parent’s reaction: this is the major area of misunderstanding. Parents are very scared to let their kids on their own in using the internet and are scared of cyber addiction that they restrict their child from using phones or computers which makes the child restless and hate his parents.

5. Sexualization:

Cultural changes are pushing teens to be viewed in a sexual manner, dangerous to the health of the society. This kind of sexualization at a very early age have a lasting impact on their sense of self-worth. Some teens sexualize their own self but some bully others for the nature of other’s body. This kind of activity lowers one’s self-esteem to a great extent.

Parent’s reaction: it would be a nightmare for a parent to know that their child is sexualized. It’s high time they understand that their children live in a cruel world and help their kids protect themselves from exploitation.

One in four teens will have a depression illness by age of 18. Getting on to it, and dealing it the right way is the responsibility of the parent. Parents need to recognize the changing culture and trend and need to guide their children accordingly in a way that they do not miss any new updates nor they land up in any trouble.

“There are thousands of voices in the ears of our children and our challenge, as a parent is to make sure that ours is the loudest!”.

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Author Dharshaa,

Paramedical student at Madras Medical Mission. A voracious reader, having a lot of interest in writing and very good at putting myself in other’s shoes. I do have a great passion for cooking and traveling.


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