Kitchen Styles to Look Out For

Over the decades, there have been major trends in Kitchen Design. The kitchen, which used to be only an area for cooking delicious foods and cleaning dirty dishes, has now become a major part of every homes’ design. Dubbed the ‘heart’ of the house, the kitchen needs some modifications to be done here and there. Modifying the design of any part of your house is never an easy task, let alone reforming a kitchen. In the magnificent year of 2018, there have been some predictions which state that a flexible kitchen environment would be immensely popular where countertops could turn to dine-ins. The focus is emphasized more on natural world elements with potted plants stepping onto the portals.

So, before you are building a kitchen from scratch, or are planning to remodel it, you should be well-aware of the trends existent and upcoming!

So, without further ado, let’s jump right into the upcoming trends in kitchen design in this year!

Kitchen Styles

Transitional Kitchen

The transitional kitchen form is an eclectic mix of the old and new styles of kitchen design, which has deeply embedded traditional roots. It is a beautiful blend of conventional and contemporary design elements, i.e., glass doors and concrete panels of the present are combined with earth materials, like marbles or wood. Nature elements are key to the design and adding flower pots or plants could really go well with the overall design of your kitchen.

Shaker Style Kitchen

This revolutionary style of kitchen design has left a hard-hitting impression among design enthusiasts. Shaker Style kitchens are renowned for their excellent design that stands its ground by the phrase, “decorations are unnecessary”. It is a simple design incorporated with no intricate carvings. It has always been known that minimal designs speak louder than vibrant designs and hence, this style of kitchen interior decoration can well be dubbed “Simple, but effective!”

Contemporary Kitchen

This is just your transitional Indian kitchen devoid of any sign of tradition. One of the biggest advantages of this design is the fact that it is existent in most of our homes. This relatability factor makes it easy to get used to and also adds a nostalgic factor to it. Holding back all traditional roots, this design also gives emphasis to color and style on walls. Every aspect involved in these sort of designs is always vibrant and designed to spruce up space.

Gourmet Kitchen

If you are planning on starting up a restaurant or a hip food joint, this should be your perfect pick. These are specifically designed kitchens for the culinary clan. The kitchen comes with all the tools that will come in handy to a gourmet chef with a chiller or even a baking counter, depending on your need. Some gourmet kitchens are also visible to people who will eat at your restaurant, and be giving them that homely feel and comfort!

Farmhouse Kitchen

This is a classic from Mother Nature herself! This design can be made to look elegant and rustic at the same time. These country-style kitchens are gardens inside the kitchen itself with marble countertops and glass front cabinets. Not to forget the mason jars as well! A farmhouse table instead of the contemporary dining is all it takes to transpond you to that nostalgic tree-house feel! Surrounded with greeneries, this type of kitchen would suit you best if you love backyard picnics and the likes. In that case, you can have a backyard meal all three times a day!

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Kitchen Cabinet Styles

Shaker Style Cabinets

Cabinets of this style are subtly beautiful with respect to their minimalistic designs devoid of any decorations whatsoever. All these cabinets have are fine wooden linings which are always pleasing to look at. These style of cabinets are timeless pieces of craftsmanship pertaining to their style and look. If you’d like to show off your wooden cabinets, this is your best bet as they are absolutely classy.

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Pull-Out Cabinets

The year 2018 years to instill in people an organized outlook. These type of cabinets come with divided sockets in which you can place your spoons, plates, knives, and et cetera. Pull-out cabinet declutters your entire culinary collection. Every culinary existent in your collection has a place in these style of cabinets! Sugar and coffee powder will no longer be exposed outside the cabinets and look oddly out of place in front of the exposed utilities like your stove and microwave oven.

Lazy Susan’s Cabinets

Pull-out cabinets, as mentioned previously, sure are lifesavers. To further make your life easy, designers have now come up with an upgraded version. Pull-out cabinets have an extra layer embedded in them and you will have to open both those layers to access your cutleries. Lazy Susan style of cabinets has got trays attached to the doors that automatically pop out when opened. We’ve all been there, haven’t we? Food’s ready, but the plates have not been kept on the table yet, and all we want is to put in minimal effort to access them. For people like this, Lazy Susan is a dream comes true!

Open Shelf Cabinets

As the name states, your cabinets will all be kept open. Keeping everything out in the open will help you reach for that jar of cookies or raisins with ease and minimal effort. An added advantage with these style of cabinets is that you can locate everything you want to with just a glimpse. Everything you need is right in front of you. Our country being a pollution horde, it might make sense to regularly clean your cabinets to ensure that dust and pollution do not seep in and spoil the food you have!

Kitchen Worktops

People have taken a liking to laminated worktops recently. Laminated worktops come with a very big advantage. They are easy to clean! Just take a cloth and wipe-off everything that you spill on the worktop. Besides laminated worktops, granite and marble ones are popular as well due to the same reasons for being easy to clean!

Kitchen Color Trends

White kitchens are an all-time classic. But the wake of 2018 has brought along with it a rising popularity of shades of grey. Predominantly the trend is focussed upon on two-toned kitchens – hues of grey and black and alternatively, tones of blue or cream.

Hence, it is important to choose a theme that resonates with the rest of your house. With an infinite amount of choices and changing trends, who’s to predict what will come about next?

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