Mirror: My True Companion

My True Companion

There is something in your life which would always be part of you and which is one of the few things you never miss on a single day. It’s a Mirror. Why was it so important and what role does it play in our life?

Who am I?

A mirror is always your honest friend, shows who you are. Sometimes when you have been too harsh to your friends or loved ones, you reflect such a behavior in front of Mirror and it says there is a monster in you. At the same time when you did a good deed and it was appreciated by someone, you wear a smile and when you look at yourself in mirror thinking of that good deed, it will show the god in you. It helps you to identify which face you would like to wear, a Monster or a God.

Help Me!!

A student uses a mirror to prepare for his exams, a mirror will help him to be his partner for a joint study by the look at it. A teaching profession uses the mirror to make his/her teaching effective by the look at the mirror.
During crucial times especially before a big interview, a seminar, a speech you always tend to rehearse in front of the mirror and it helps you to correct your mistakes by the look at it. It gives you confidence and gives you a feeling when you are on the big occasion, “the other day I was able to do it successfully in front of my mirror.,so, I can repeat it again”. It gives you immense confidence.

My best friend and true companion:

A mirror is someone whom you never hide your emotions and will always stay close. When you are in love, you look at it more than 100 times a day, rehearsing proposing your girlfriend/boyfriend.

For a boy, he tends to visualize her face in front of the mirror and made him feel his love been accepted generally there is saying when you propose a girl if she is silent most of the times she meant to accepts your love. It’s just a matter of making him believe he can do it all over again.

For a girl, it gives her faith that she made beautiful proposal already in front of mirror visualizing him and just a matter of doing it again. And no way he is going to reject that.

Your mirror will stay silent and does what you want it to do, always be with you as your best bud.

During the time, when you are emotional, things went extremely bad and you wanted to show off your emotions to someone. And you realize your best friends are not around, you will look for the mirror and show off your emotions, cry hard and at times it helps you to reduce your sorrows by being your true companion. Even when everyone leaves you it will always remain as your sole companion.

My Mirror – Always My True Companion

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Author Senthil,

HCL IT Profession in Chennai. Passionate about watching and playing Cricket. Like watching and reading adventures stories. Have creativity thoughts and like to build my own beautiful imaginative world. Love playing with my Son Nihaan.



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