Modric has Won the Hearts

Luka Modrić is a Croatian professional footballer who plays as a midfielder for Spanish club Real Madrid and is the captain of the Croatia national team.

Luka Modric at Age of 6

At the age of 6, his grandfather was shot dead, his family became the refugee in a war zone. He grew up to the sound of grenades explosion. Coached used to say he was too weak and shy to play football. At this time 25 years ago, Luka Modric the captain of Croatia was learning to play football by kicking a punctured ball around a hotel parking lot, where his family lived as refugees, in a war zone, after militants burned their house down.

Today, Luka Modric jus led Croatia its first ever World Cup final. He won the Golden Ball of 2018 World Cup Russia.

Kaka spent one season with Modric at Madrid:

“Luka [Modric] shows us that it’s easy to play. Believe me, it’s really really hard to play football,” Kaka, speaking courtesy of Adidas, told Omnisport.

“To play the World Cup it’s even harder. And he plays like it’s normal. It’s like a dance for him.”

“And now he’s this amazing player at a high level. Four Champions Leagues, a World Cup final and being the captain of his team.

“So it’s really nice and he deserves that because he’s a nice guy, always humble, so congratulations to Modric.”

“Croatia lost the Cup, but Modric has won the Hearts.”


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