Its time to educate on Sex

Where’s our country going?

First place! Ohoooo…

Wait! First place, in what?

India ranks within 10 in “the most unsafe country for women” amongst the world countries.

Isn’t it something each and every citizen of India should be ashamed of? On 17th July night when scrolling through the news feed just was shocked to see news of an 11-yr old girl molested by 18 men in Chennai city.

This news came as a shock for me because I was so proud that this kind of stuff will happen only in Delhi n Kathua and not in ‘Namma Ooru’. These incidents keep proving that no place is safe not even a serene temple or a crowded railway station is safe for a girl in India. It’s such a shame.

The Impending list:

No one is proud to be an Indian daughter. Every girl fear that sometime later or sooner even her name will be added to the list of so-called “India’s daughters” including- Nirbhaya, Swathi, Asifa, Vinodhini and a lot more! I thought of Chennai to be a far safer place in the country but not. It won’t take long for things happened at Nungambakkam railway station to happen in Koyembedu bus stop, it won’t take long for things happened to a girl in Ayanavaram to happen to a girl in Anna Nagar. Every Indian girl is on the impending doom list.

Locked Mouths:

Not only the government mouths are locked but also the mouths of victims are locked. After incidents like Kerala priest issue, which girl would dare to speak up to anyone about herself being sexualized? The mouths of the victim’s parents are locked because they are not ready to put their beloved child’s life as bait to media to gain attention and thus bury the issue within the four walls. The commoner’s mouth is locked ‘because it’s none of his business’.

My dear commoner why don’t you understand even your girlfriend or your sister or your female friend may also become a victim.

The ‘victim’:

So far she was called a ‘women’- epitome of beauty grace and softness and now she’ll be known as a victim by media, a raped injured patient by doctors, India’s daughter by you people, non-cultural girl who wears short clothes and wants ‘it’ by chauvinists, just piece of flesh and blood by the rapists.

Above all, she is a Human! She is also born with feelings and Heart!

The licensed rapist:

At least such un-human acts against women come to daylight. But there is still a way of violence which no one in India will never ever talk of. Violence towards women by their husbands. Nothing between them is consensual, it is always his decision. A Woman when married should remove the word ‘no’ from her dictionary. A sexual act without her consent is also considered a rape. Then all husbands who do it are nothing but ‘legal rapists’.

The solution:

There is one and the only solution to it. Hanging or castrating a rapist is not going to give you the change in the society. Even rapists are born to mothers only. The change should come from the day they are born. The rapist will not know how to respect women, he will learn how to respect women from his parents. Before teaching your daughter about good and bad touches, teach your male children to respect women, to treat them equal, teach them to“be protectors and not perpetrators!”


A Common Woman


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