She made out about him, Making out!

There were gentle rhythmic taps and kisses on the roof. A soothing drizzle on roof seduced her. Jaanu wanted the rain under the roof, inside her bus. It was 9:45 pm and she had almost 55 km ahead of her home. She was returning from an internship programme held by her own company at its head office. First time ever being out, she resisted a bit to be home soon. She had other plans to execute.

She prepared mentally and was interrupted by someone’s call who became so close to her recently. She rejected the call, stayed away from the drizzling shower inside the ‘Shakpur’ bus stand. She wasn’t a bit wet than some sweats on her face.

She had learned from her 24 years of experience to tackle and trick her mother so easily and called her. “Mom, I’m wet to my organs inside and am stuck in a heavy downpour in Shakpur. My hair’s all wet and I’m already sick to the skull. You never let me short my hair and I have to regret now Mom”. This was spontaneous as soon as the call was attended.

She interrupted her mother’s reply by,” Mom don’t worry, I can travel, it’s just an hour or two to travel. There are no buses as of now to our home, but will soon be back Mom”. She dropped her voice at the last two lines and faked a cough, a deadly move to succeed in her plans.

She waited for her mother to reply now. “Kiddie, it’s raining cats and dogs here too. It’s very unsafe for young girls to travel alone at night, and rain just worsens the situation. You better find a decent place to stay for the night and return back safely tomorrow. Don’t just forget to dry up your hair”.  “Mom how would dad agree for this” she wanted to show her reluctance but faked a cough again and she won.

“Kiddie, I will take care of your dad, you better take care of yourself”.

Soon she cut her call and called the man who kept on calling her back. It’s was a private number, so private to her and only to her.

As soon as the call was attended, a concerned voice she had always wanted to hear and get fondled spoke,” Jaan (life in Hindi ) hope you aren’t wet and hungry, it’s raining heavily in our native and where are you….”.

He had put so many questions that she couldn’t follow back easily. “Baby, how much can I answer, I am wet already and the shower didn’t spare anyone. It seems to be in love with me just like you “. She exaggerates more just to earn more love from him through pity. While she faked her cough again, her love skipped a heart’s beat.

“See how sick you are gonna become”, he cared a lot about her and only about her.

Though they had been in love very recently, they cared so much for each other. Maybe just because they were recent couples.”Jaan what will you do” he stammered and stopped.

“Don’t worry babe, I’ve made plans to stay in Shakpur’s ‘Come Inn’.

“Are you gonna stay alone, take care babe, I’ll pick you up tomorrow” a concerned man in him assured and prayed for her safety at the other end of the call. “Ok dad”, she teased him and assured him to call back within an hour to talk all night long and ended the call, coughing voluntarily.

Once checked in, she took bath, ate well, changed into her shorts- night dress and called her love with so many expectations just to get disappointed as none answered the call. She kept trying to him endlessly and was annoyed far more than the previous attempts and got distressed. She felt lonely and soon slept in distress.
In an hour, she was startled upon someone knocking on the door of her room. Though it was gentle, she built up gentle thoughts and opened the door with fright.

She wasn’t startled alone but was also surprised to receive her love standing out of her room all the way from her locality.

“Jaan that’s a sexy outfit” he complimented her and asked how was she.

She couldn’t answer anything by then and he questioned her, “Did you see any medical shops nearby ?”. And in her shock upon seeing him he gave her the information about a medical shop and waved him a bye in not knowing why he asked for.

Soon she was back to her senses and guessed why he enquired about medical shops. As she was alone, with such a cool climate and rain he guessed him to be aroused and would have wanted to make out and have come all the way to have sex.

“Oh my god! He must have gone to buy himself some condoms for the make-out session. She was preoccupied with thoughts then and was distressed even more in giving such an advantage. She wasn’t ready to take her relationship physically and wanted to resist anything intimate happening. She decided quickly to lock the door and switch off her phone and did the same so soon to avoid any late.

In a few minutes, he came back and knocked on the door for a long time just to stand, wait and expect the door to open. He stopped waiting, disappointed he went back. She was too devasted to know of his love’s true colors and slept crying to the pillow. While she gathered herself from the devastation the next day and went down for a coffee early in the morning to save herself from a headache anymore, she saw her love shivering and trembling in a cuisine at the corner of the reception.

As soon as he saw her climbing down the stairs, he went to her and handed over to her some medicines that he brought for her hours back. While her thoughts had led her to rude misconceptions, he had come all the way to buy her some medicines for her fake coughs in spite of a heavy downpour.

He was shivering with fever he contracted from drenching himself in the rain for hours in his bike travel and controlled himself in hiding his sickness to his soul.

Her Jaan hugged him deeply and cried upon judging him wrongly and sought forgiveness for demeaning his love on her. He was surprised by her sudden emotions and hugged her dearly without any lust and assured her, “it’s all well until you are happy my Jaan !”. She fell into his embrace completely and confessed her love to him once again with an immense, extreme and infinite intensity than it could mean as words.

“I love you, baby, maybe not as much as you Love me, but more tremendously than I did before”.

Author Ajay,

Bsc. Psychology Student in Chennai. An aspiring teen wishing to tingle people’s thought through his words. Let the complex thought triumph with simple actions and reactions we put forth.


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