The Backbone Belittled

It’s not only upon the losses of tradition and Customs of the country we are set to have a setback on culture. What have we lost with our culture are the culture of cultivation and production which were grouped together as Agriculture

Just because agriculture is considered the backbone of the nation, it is BELITTLED as a simple organ behind at the back. None like about things happening behind, nor do they value anything happening at the back. Every citizen runs works and earns for three cube meals and none wants to work as a cultivator who makes meal possible.

Innovative scientists are required very importantly for a country’s development, and as important are farmers who don’t let them starve and limit their capabilities. While some professions like medicine and associates are considered holy, agriculture would then become the holiest of all profession. While all profession sets final goals on food, the only goal of this profession is to make food and make it available to all.

When every product manufacturers are valued as an entrepreneur or a businessman, the only unfortunate producers who aren’t valued a bit are farmers.

India has topped in crimes, harassment against women, pollution, rapes, uncleanness, and aids for a bit prouder time by now. India’s one and only descent topped criteria were on agriculture, and the most notable word is ‘were’. It’s a thing of the past.

Hunger is the basic and most essential need of everything that walks flies, creeps, and rolls with a stomach. While water is available naturally, not so easily can anyone cultivate, harvest and yield food from that water. And when the water is deprived to the already minor cultivating group, just imagine how soon would we starve.

Every family wants their children to eat healthily, but not let them work, to produce healthy foods.

A country that falls dependent on other countries to satisfy its own citizen’s tummy, will have to live with a feeble heart and starve it’s heart too.


It’s really alarming to understand and digest, that agriculture is on the verge of endangered list and if this state persists, we will soon have nothing to digest and have to starve…

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Author Ajay,

Bsc. Psychology Student in Chennai. An aspiring teen wishing to tingle people’s thought through his words. Let the complex thought triumph with simple actions and reactions we put forth.


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