Would you like to make it your default browser?

A web browser is a software application for accessing information on the World Wide Web.

Before Netscape: the forgotten Web browsers of the early 1990s.

Internet Explorer won, back in the Netscape days. Internet Explorer is one of the best browsers till 2002. Fortunately, the Mozilla folks changed the game and showed the world that the Web has much more to show.

The Internet Explorer madness worsens when Google launched its Chrome browser in 2008. Google Chrome has 61.20% market share and IE has only 12.14% based on the statistics netmarketshare.com.

The reason why Microsoft has failed to support web standards as much as the other guys  (Mozilla, Google Chrome, and Opera) is that it didn’t understand the web and didn’t understand that there’s a lot of money to be made in controlling the web.

They didn’t see much money behind the idea of controlling the web. Companies like Google and Mozilla see how important it is to be the browser of choice for millions of users. Microsoft didn’t care because they can sell operating systems.

Even though Microsoft Windows has its market share of 88.40% according to netmarketshare.com, it still insists users “to make it their default browser.”

Why Bill Gates and his team were still lagging in development of their web browser? Is that they are not sufficient to buy any third party browsers?


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