Are your Kids trapped inside Mobile Phones?

Gadgets are part and parcel of our daily routine life. Particularly Mobile phones, nowadays every kid wants mobile phones to get entertained.

90’s Kids:

During 90’s, kids don’t sit at home after school hours and they actively play at roadside or playground their favorite games like Cricket, Football, Volleyball, Kabaddi, Pittu – Seven stones, Gilli Danda, Kho Kho, Throwball and you can name it as you would have played several if you were 90’s kids or before that. Kids during that generation were active and healthy. More importantly, they were happy and entertained at the core. Alongside, they rarely get attacked by any diseases as they stay fit by playing outdoors.

Current Generation Kids:

With social media in the limelight and the exposure to outside world been high in the early part of life, kids at this generation don’t like to get involved in outdoor games. Rather they would feel they are entertained with colorful graphical mobile games, Xbox/PlayStation games and most of the times they get addicted to it as well. Parents at this generation, when raising their kids they want their children to be intelligent, hence they teach them all nursery rhymes, primary coaching before going to school, through a famous mediator which is Mobile Phones. Is that good teaching practice?

Teaching methodology:

It’s OK to teach your kids at an early stage as they have more absorbing skills at the young age, but the mode of teaching should be important. Develop their interest in reading books or seeing pictures in it. Books like identifying animals, plants, fruits, vegetables, vehicles, colors or alphabets and etc., will be a good source. Each of the categories has separate books/puzzles in the market. Spend money on buying quality books/puzzles for your kids and more importantly spend time with them teaching it. Spending time with your kids is more important, at times being a lazy or busy parent, we tend to keep them occupied by giving your mobile phones and allowing them to operate and use them on their own. Kids get to operate the mobile phones at the early age of 2+ itself and parents feel proud that his/her kid is turning intelligent. Are they becoming intelligent or it leads them to hazardous?

Warning to Parents:

Don’t encourage kids to get addicted to Television, Gaming stations and especially Mobile phones. Do you know the fact that Cancer affects children more percentage than adults? Kids Brian’s have thinner skin, their bone absorb more radiations. Children absorb more than 60 percent of radiation into the brain than grown-ups. This was proved by the World Health Organization which has classified cell phone radiation as ‘possibly carcinogenic to humans’.

When kids are addicted to something, it gets registered in their mind and refuses to come out of it. Like, when you watch your children playing games on mobile phones, it would be tough for you to make them come out of it or distract them from something else. By trying so, you might trigger anger in Kids and it causes adamant. Constant usage of Mobile phones, watching television will also affect your children studies too.

Suggestion to Parents:

When you are raising a kid, please make sure you allow the children to play outdoors and don’t be too protective thinking, your children may be harmed by other kids, or their skin tans at an early age, or your kids will become naughty. Kids are meant to be naughty and playful, they should be grown up that way. Restricting them at home and getting them addicted to Television or Mobile phones will affect 10 times more problem than kids who play outdoors. Remember during 90’s and before that, how the kids were grown-up. Good thing during that time, there was not much media exposure and technologies like Mobile phones were not booming that early stage.

Never forget to teach your kids our ancient history and our ancestor’s good practices, there is no better way to teach them if you have their grandparents at home. Having Kids Grandparents at home and allowing your children to grow under their watchful eyes and good thoughts will not only allow your children to learn fast but also allows them to cultivate good habits. Your role as a parent will be to allow them to nurture their skills, by identifying your kid’s talent and help your kid accordingly.

Kids when growing up they look more on their parents, absorb their habits, takes them as a role model and cultivates habits accordingly. So, it’s also every parent’s responsibility to register your kids mind the right kind of habits and be a perfect role model to them.

Never let your Kids trapped especially inside Mobile phones, allow them to play outdoor sports. Let them grow healthy and happy.

Author Senthil,

HCL IT Profession in Chennai. Passionate about watching and playing Cricket. Like watching and reading adventures stories. Have creativity thoughts and like to build my own beautiful imaginative world. Love playing with my Son Nihaan.


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