The Untold Story of Our Favorite Shinchan


Shinchan is inspired by the real person named Sinnosuke Nohara who died trying to save his little sister from a Car accident. His mother Misae was so shocked and depressed because she lost her both children. She started portraying a Happy story and drew on a book every day. This sad story inspired Yoshita Usui to create the anime in the name of Shinchan.

The last episode of the Shinchan did not air on television because it was about Shinchan trying to save his sister and got killed in car accident.

Hats off to the real Shinchan Sinnosuke Nohara who gave his life in saving his sister.

The True Story

The original author of the Crayon Shinchan is Yoshito Usui.

Yoshito Usui created the manga Crayon Shin-chan as he wanted to depict the things he wanted to do as a child but couldn’t. He wanted to depict a child with an “adult’s” view. He wanted to express his thoughts through a Shinnosuke, a character who questions the general norms of the society and the things imposed by adults on children as well as exposes the dark secrets of the adult society. He also wanted to create a series based on daily life, without any supernatural elements or gadgets or ninjas/samurais, etc. One can relate the series to one’s own life.

The word “Crayon” was added because Crayon is a popular tool used by Kindergarteners and Shinnosuke is one. This is the original explanation given by the author.

You can sense the uniqueness which the series has. It has been said by a person from the manga publisher that the series was originally meant for men in their late 30s. That was way back in 1990. But it gradually became popular among youth and children too, so they had to make it more family oriented later.

“The character of Shinnosuke is based on the child I want to be.” – Yoshito Usui, the original creator of Crayon Shinchan.

In 2009, Yoshito Usui died in a mountain trekking accident. It is rumored that Usui was depressed and committed suicide.

The anime series of Crayon Shinchan was started in the year 1992 by a famous channel “TV Asahi”. Unlike the manga series, the anime series of Crayon Shin Chan is still airing and it has been dubbed in more than 30 languages so far, including Hindi, Tamil. It has over 920 episodes and 25 full-length films so far. Crayon Shin Chan is now a very popular cartoon series and it’s 24th highest grossing animated franchises.

So, in short:

  1. Shinnosuke Nohara was not any real person.
  2. Shinchan, the character, never dies. Neither does the family, friends & acquaintances.
  3. Shinchan series is continuing in all forms.

So the story flowing on social media is a False Gossip. It is made up by somebody who either didn’t do proper research or great at writing stories.

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