Facts You Never Knew about College days Before!

I remember waking up early in the morning. Getting dressed for literally two hours for the first day of my college, hoping to meet heroes and friendly teachers lovely seniors in my college. Once stepping into the college seeing the tense atmosphere and the kind of rules and regulations they told at our inauguration, the seniors were nothing like ‘hey hi my dear junior tell me your name’ instead they were like ‘huh poor fellow got caught here’ looks made me feel a little dizzy. I couldn’t adjust my mind to focus, only one thing was clear in my head- college is not something I saw in movies it is nothing but a bigger school!

Having plenty of hormones flushing within you, setting with new people new atmosphere, you are out of your comfort zone and yearning to get a recognition- this is how your college is gonna be! 18-21 is the age biologically you have the potential to glow like the sun. This is the period where you get stuck in college not knowing how to channelize your potential. Here I’d like to discuss a few college issues we face.

Choice of study:

The first hurdle is getting caught between your parent’s wish and your own wish. Some end up winning the battle some like me are pushed to picked something their parents chose for them. You like or you don’t like the course you’ve picked that is not going to matter anymore. Whatever you study these three-five years is gonna decide how the rest of your 40-50 years is going to be. So just make up your mind, understand the situation and prepare yourself to do, whatever you do, wholeheartedly.


From being the little-pampered kid you turn into an independent adult in your college. Your integrity willpower and situation handling talents will be put to test. No teacher will run behind you to make you score or no teacher will scold you or advice much if you don’t please a college lecturer the right way, though you study well your internal marks will surely go low. So from the moment you step into the college campus, you need to stand on your own feet help yourself, be a more responsible kid who can take care of himself.

College romance:

Coming to the most sensitive issue in college, if you are single you can understand what I mean to the say-seeing couple holding hands everywhere, girls constantly gossiping about their dates can really be frustrating and may mentally pressurize you to fall in love hopelessly and tragically get hurt in the end. Few like me are just lazy to handle a relationship because that is a lot of pressure. In a college, there is always love in the air, for a person who has always been shy, a sudden sweet gesture or approach from a person of the opposite sex may make your feet flip off from the ground and fly eventually making you fall for them. The trick lies in ‘Picking the right person’. Our minds are not yet that mature to pick a person we are about to share our entire future with(this statement is only for people who still believe in the ‘old’ concept of one man for one woman). So romance may seem like a very important part of college in this process we forget to self-gift us forget to enjoy our own company!


For lots of us, not only the subjects in college are new lot many things are newly introduced. From riding bicycles to school to taking public transit for college, binge eating, sleepless nights our lifestyles change! So does our health. We start preferring outside food more which takes a toll on our health, we become more stressed and mood swings are an indispensable part of college lives. It is a very important stage in our life, where we are getting ready mentally to face the world, it’s equally important to get ready physically by taking care of your health. From PMS to PCOD girls go through a lot of problems just because of their lifestyle changes. So whether it’s a girl or a boy it is not necessary to sweat it out in gyms instead try to have a healthy meal and a healthy routine which will help you improve not only your physique but also keep your minds fresh and active.

Urge to become independent:

The urge to become financially independent arises at this stage only. So far we needed money just to get snacks from school canteens and for notebooks but now as you grow and try to groom yourself in the college even your expenses start growing. So asking money from parents may be a bit of awkward now and you wish to earn your own money that is when you seek a part-time job. Mentally also you want to be dissected from your family because you feel that your parents don’t understand you(actually they do !). You need to control these emotions and understand that you are not yet ready for the world. All you have to do now is focus on your future having in mind that you always have a backup- your parents.

Friendship sores:

School friends who have known you since you were a toddler seem to go away from you and find new friends. Don’t be disheartened you too will gain new friends in college. But don’t expect them to be as innocent and loyal as your school friends. You may feel as if you actually have no real friend at all. If that’s the case go find your bestie in the mirror. If you cry it’ll never laugh it’ll cry with you. No one can help you as you want to be helped, only you can help yourself in certain situations. It’s the time to develop a new friendship,it’s the time to expand your circle but don’t be too much dependent on them because people and their needs keep changing so do their likes and dislikes about you may change, which means a friend can’t be a forever friend they may change and you need to set up your mind to adapt to it, college can give you a lot of friendship breakups. Be aware of it!


You may have spent 14 years in school but the four years you spend in college is going to mend you and decide what’s your fate. You may experience a pressure nothing like before. Until now the pressure was from outside after you are into a college you start developing the pressure all by yourself. You are going to create a hell lot of memories in college, make sure you create good ones and not nightmares. College is not only a place to study from books based on your syllabus the University gives. You will be studying an important lesson called life from the books of experiences determined by the top University called ‘the creator’.

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Author Dharshaa,

Paramedical student at Madras Medical Mission. A voracious reader, having a lot of interest in writing and very good at putting myself in other’s shoes. I do have a great passion for cooking and traveling.


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