If they Can, We Can: Celebrity Cancer Survivors

One of my close relatives was diagnosed with high-grade dysplasia(abnormal growth which left untreated may grow into a cancerous tumor) recently. So she was taking treatment in Adayar Cancer Institute.

That is the time when I heard about Sonali Bendre’s condition, she is suffering from high-grade cancer. I understood cancer is not partial, it affects people from all walks of life, Even a very fit person like Sonali. The kind of trauma the patient’s family goes through cannot be put into words. My family, already has lost a life to throat cancer in 2004, was not ready to give up another one too. My relative was inconsolable, so just to make her comfortable we told her that not only her, even big celebrities do have this type of disease, there are celebrities who fought the deadly disease like a champ and now are called ‘warriors’. Here I’d like to mention few of those surviving warriors!

Anurag Basu :

He didn’t let his life to become a melodrama like his scripts. The famous Bollywood director was diagnosed with a type of blood cancer(promyelocytic leukemia) in 2004 while shooting for the film Barfi. Doctors had given him only a 50% chance of survival. Still, he didn’t want to meet the climax so soon so he decided to take an interval; fight it through and came back cancer free. Again giving Blockbusters like a Gangster, Jagga Jasoos.

Yuvraj Singh:

While playing the 2011 world cup he started suffering from blood vomiting and nausea. Later was diagnosed to have stage 1 cancer in his left lung. The same year he was given the player of the tournament award too. He never shied away from the public during his treatment. He really is the best player off-field too! After several sessions of chemotherapy in the USA, he returned to his arena in 2012 with t20 matches !!

Manisha Koirala:

The beautiful lady was a victim of nature too. In November 2012, she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Following a surgery on 10th of December, she had to shave her hair completely (as a side effect of chemo there will be tremendous patchy hair fall so the doctor itself will advise to completely shave the hair) she even posed bald for the cameras. With sheer determination and grit, she is back with her much applauded performance in lust stories(a series being telecasted in Netflix).

Gauthami :

Being a daughter of oncologic radiologist’s daughter, she found a lump in her breasts which was confirmed to be a cancerous tumor with mammography, she underwent a lot of traumatic procedures including a lumpectomy (a surgical procedure done to remove the lump) six doses of chemotherapy and 40 radiations to control any more growth of tumor. Even after everything, today she stands as an epitome of evergreen beauty and has the kind of Grace she always had. She now takes part in various programs to create awareness of breast cancer.

Mamtha Mohandas:

While acting in her debut film as a cancer patient, little did she know she would have to play the role in her real life too? In the year 2010, she was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma(a type of cancer affecting the lymph nodes in the body). On the very same year, she received the best female actress award in the film fares. After five hectic years, in 2015 she was declared to be completely cured and has resumed her acting career again.

Hugh Jackman:

Have you ever thought in your wildest dreams would the ‘wolverine logan’ have to undergo six surgeries to remove cancer from his nose! Yeah, Hugh Jackman had a type of skin cancer- basal cell carcinoma since 2013. He had to undergo six surgeries to remove a cancerous patch of skin off his nose. Still, he proves to be a fierce actor. Nothing stopped him from doing what he loved.

Apart from this list there a lot of celebrities including LisaRaye, Mumtaz have conquered the disease bravely. “So if they can you can”. Cancer at it’s earliest detection is really curable. More than that, few adaptions on healthy lifestyle may prevent you from being a victim of this dreadful disease in the future. In the past, we have lost a lot of celebrities for this disease. With the right lifestyle and healthy eating habits, you can lower the risk of you and your family is a victim of the disease.

“Watching someone you love to fade away slowly of this disease is horrible. Seeing the person fight against it, knowing there is no chance of revival can break your heart” to prevent yourself from the disease by, quitting on smoking alcohol, eating a balanced meal, live in a good environment, check regularly if you are a highly susceptible candidate(if cancer runs in your family tree, having a yearly check-up is most recommend). If unfortunately your fates meet with the disease conquer it like a champ!

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Author Dharshaa,

Paramedical student at Madras Medical Mission. A voracious reader, having a lot of interest in writing and very good at putting myself in other’s shoes. I do have a great passion for cooking and traveling.


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