Make India Rape Free

The human, like basic three needs, has two basic goals to achieve. one is to survive the next is to reproduce, sex is a means of reproduction, between a couple may prove to increase the bonding and that is why it’s known to be lovemaking and is supposed to be an intimate secret between the couple. The same act without a consent is considered to be animalistic, that too when done to a girl of age 11,12,13…. who never knows the exact meaning of the sexual relationship is utter cruelty.

The people and government join hands together to eradicate leprosy, Nipah virus, dengue and achieve it. But rape which takes so many lives, which is a disastrous epidemic a growing trend in India is not yet eradicated. So any movement with clear awareness and a good campaign can be a success.

So “#makeindiarapefree” is a campaign which strives to prove its name – a rape-free India.

The sole objective of this campaign is to provide a clear view of sex education. Sex is an indispensable part of not only humans but also animal lives. One day or the other your child will definitely be introduced to sex. Before they reach out to a bad source it’s the responsibility of parents and teachers to make sure they give their children a correct and a proper view of sex. Teaching good touch bad touch is not sufficient for the kids of today. You need to teach them how to say ‘no’. How to vocalize harassments. How to stand up for themselves and protect themselves from these bloody flesh-eating predators.

They say birds sing to the ears which know to listen. This is perfectly apt for today’s parents. It is shocking to hear news of girl child being molested continually over a long period of time, how did it escape from notice of the mother, how did the child’s teacher fail to notice the change in her, the father who is so called to toil all day for the good of child, why did he fail to be the hero he was supposed to be.

Your kids cannot be forever kids. They will mature, physically, mentally one day for sure. On that day your kids shouldn’t stammer or get confused about how to hold their emotions back or how to handle the new flush of hormones in them. Sit and talk to them about your puberty period experiences, let them know the wanting sex or getting attracted to someone is very normal and it shouldn’t affect their mental well being. Educate them from a very young age that what a woman’s body is like, teach them how a man’s body is designed so they will stop sexualizing these and embrace them as a part of nature’s creation.

The campaign includes various other requests, sorry, demands!

  1. If a boy under 18 rapes a girl, the act itself says he’s not a kid anymore and he should be punished equally.

  2. parents and the victim themselves should talk out. We will thrive to make sure they feel safe about talking out, we’ll make them understand the fault is not theirs.

  3. the delay in the processing of case provide loopholes for the accused to escape. Delayed Justice is Justice denied. So the case proceedings must happen from three days of filing the FIR.

  4. if proven guilty, the name of accused his picture and all of his details should be let out. Shame can teach them a lesson punishment can’t. We should make sure he is not only made guilty in the sentence, but we should make him feel the guilt from the heart down.

  5. human rights so far have protected none of the rights of the victim. So let it stop protecting the rights of someone who doesn’t even deserve to be called human!

  6. the victim must not be shamed. It was not her mistake. The only mistake on her part was that she belongs to the community of physically weaker sex. So after hell lot of struggles, she fell bait to the monsters. We should make the victim feel safer only then other victims whose sufferings which has never seem daylight will come to light!

With these as our principles, we believe every mother every father every human alive on Earth who still has some humanity in the heart would

join with us for the cause – #makeIndiarapefree!


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