Las Vegas: Where Fun Has No Limits

Las Vegas; The City of Lights, the City of Sin, the Entertainment Capital of the World, or simply just The Strip. Whatever you call it, Las Vegas is a great city to visit and not just to try your luck at the tables into the early hours.

From its early beginnings as a mob dream in the middle of the desert to the glittering jewel of live entertainment and top hotels, it is now, Las Vegas has held its visitors with a charm like no other city in the USA…perhaps the world. Where else do you get a choice of a hundred different shows each and every night from the likes of superstars like Elton John, Jennifer Lopez, Criss Angel all vying for your attention with the likes of Jay Leno, Celine Dion, the amazing Blue Man Group or the mesmerizing acrobatics of the Cirque de Soleil?

It is exactly this variety of quality entertainment that keeps visitors flocking back for more.

So many great casinos have come and gone since Las Vegas first legalized gambling in1931, but famous names still live on. The iconic Sahara Hotel & Casino has had a reboot on regular occasions to keep up with modern standards and expectations, yet still manages to retain that ‘old style’ feel that made it so popular with Dean Martin and other members of The Rat Pack.

Perhaps there is still that undercurrent of the infamous ‘Summit’ of the sixties in some people’s minds as they live their dream of following in the footsteps of Frank, Dean, Sammy, Peter and Joey as they enjoy the delights that Las Vegas has to offer. There has never been a better time to get into the swing of the moment and you can experience this era of cool for yourself at the Rat Pack Experience, currently playing at the COPA Showroom in the Tuscany Suites and Casino.

Of course, it’s not all about the shows and roulette tables, Las Vegas sits just a stone’s throw from the Grand Canyon and the Hoover Dam. An excellent day out can be had from the heart of the city to take in one of the greatest natural wonders alongside one of the greatest man-made structures. You can enjoy an exhilarating helicopter journey down to the floor of the Grand Canyon and come back as dusk falls on The Strip to see the city of lights in all its neon glory. A more leisurely experience can be gained by joining one of the many private bus trips to the rim of the Canyon. These bus trips have many different options.

Some visit Native Indian Reservations, stop at the M&M Factory or even allow you to pan for gold at a tiny town in the Nevada desert surrounded by Joshua trees. It is no longer allowed to drive across the top of the Hoover Dam since the stunning new bridge was built, but you can access the Dam with one of the many tours that take place every day.

The Fountains of Bellagio at night.

Back in the city that never sleeps, you will need to make some difficult choices about where you wish to lay your head of a night. With over 150,000 rooms at the last count and with Las Vegas being home to 29 of the world’s largest hotels you really are spoilt for choice. But don’t be fooled, at convention times or during some of the holidays, you can struggle to find a room. The advice is to book early for the best discounts off the regular price and to ensure you get the room with the view you want.

So what are you waiting for?

Book now, start saving your dollars and remember to practice your poker face…this is Vegas, Baby!

Author Ian Yates

An experienced freelance writer who has produced articles that have appeared in both traditional print publications as well as found across many websites in a huge variety of genres and specialist niches. He is also the author of a gritty and thrilling series of crime novels featuring DCI Peter Carter of the Homicide & Serious Crime Unit of the London Metropolitan Police.


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