APJ Abdul Kalam-A Vision for New Millennium

The biggest tribute and respect one can give to someone is to follow their path, catch their dreams which were left behind.

On the third mournful death anniversary of our beloved Dr. Avul Pakir Jainulabudeen Abdul Kalam, I’d like to give a call to the youth of India to remember what the Missile man of India’s dream was all about.

True to his name of people’s president Kalam was always for the people. All his schemes as a president as well as all his innovations as a scientist were focused to uplift the status of India in the world’s eyes. He was so determined to accomplish certain things for India. He was a man of planning and excellence who gave India a clear and bright path to walk in called ‘India 2020’.

“If you want to shine like a sun, first burn like a sun”

History of mission India 2020:

India vision 2020 was first sorted by the department of science and technology’s association called Technology Information Forecasting and Assessment Council (TIFAC) under the chairmanship of Kalam and other experts. He detailed the mission’s goals in his book India 2020 (which was co-authored by Y.S.Rajan).

How did you become so great



The goals of APJ Abdul Kalam:

There were five major areas he wanted to bring about the change in particular. Because he knew the wealth of India lies where. So accordingly his plans were set up to bring about tremendous positive change in the certain fields. These areas of development will thereby lead to the development of an entire nation as these departments are considered to be the backbone of any country.

The fields he picked up for development are:

1. Agriculture and food processing:

When the productivity increases the poverty decreases, this was the chief goal of Kalam sir. Agriculture is the backbone of India, should be made strong of that India can stand strong on the global level.

2. Infrastructure:

Proper shelter facilities with good electric supply will prove to an answer to improve the status of India. Solar power usage should be implemented in every house built.

3. Education and healthcare:

Only a literate citizen can save himself and the country. The same way only a healthy citizen can make India healthy and wealthy.

4. Information and communication technology:

The improvement of this sector will give us the ultimate power we desire to get. Satellite communication and a well developed IT sector will prove to be very important for a country’s growth of GDP.

5. Defense technology:

 This is the most important area he concentrated on his service period which gained him the name of Missile man. India is a peace-loving country as well as a country which is hit in all directions. It needs to prepare itself to fight any kind of enemy in the time of crisis.


New ideas for India 2020 :

To make the impossible possible we need to strive and struggle hard. So to make India a well developed democratic country by the year 2020 we need to struggle hard. We surely should follow the footsteps laid by our beloved Kalam sir as well as create new footsteps along the way for our future generations so we have to come up with new ideas to make the place a brand new country.

As a youth in India, I strongly suggest a few ideas

1. stop selling your votes: voting is your right. It is something which makes you realize you as a citizen of this country.

2. be a part of social activities: this is your society and any activity taking place in it is yours. So don’t go away from indulging yourself from social works.

3. be a true citizen: a true citizen won’t get nor give a bribe in any form. It is the bribe we give today becomes a big corruption tomorrow.

4. create ideas: create new inventions. Don’t think out-of-box ideas think as if there is no box at all.your ideas must inspire as well as provide welfare to others.

5. time to lead: enough of sitting behind screens and commenting. Take initiative and actively participate in politics. Get to know your country’s political situation well and then let us comment on Donald Trump.

Apj Abdul Kalam was not just a scientist, not just a politician, he was a commoner who used his grit and determination to reach out to people and attain success. Only if his brain had worked he wouldn’t have had lakhs of people turning out at his last rites. He worked along with his heart. So we as his descendants should also follow his path of simplicity and love to attain the goal- developed India 2020!

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Author Dharshaa,

Paramedical student at Madras Medical Mission. A voracious reader, having a lot of interest in writing and very good at putting myself in other’s shoes. I do have a great passion for cooking and traveling.


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