Now Women Can be Men!

Sanfe is a device which helps women urinate standing up. Why this product is useful is because of its utility and the ability to have no contact with the surface of the toilet. It provides a healthy alternative and way for women to urinate in unfamiliar places. The product is easy to use, handle and carry around. Its shape gives an easy way to use it and it has to be disposed of after a single use.

How to Use

Public washrooms become an easy source of various infections. One can catch even the common cold from public washrooms. The toilet seat may look clean but it may have various bacterias on it. So, ladies, we suggest that you do not come into contact with the toilet seat as much as possible. Sanfe gives you the freedom to answer nature’s call standing up. Now, no more sitting on the public toilets and no more hovering.

Sanfe comes easy packaging and at a low cost of just Rs 5. Each funnel can be used once and dispose off in the easiest manner possible. Why not try for yourself?

Sanfe is a product that came to the rescue when traveling. Instead of peeing in the soiled toilet seats, you can easily stand and pee. Thank you Sanfe.


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