You Won’t Be Able To In 2018

1. Saman Guana – The Hero

Saman Kunan, a former Thai navy Seal, is being honored for losing his life in a heroic effort to rescue a football team stuck in a cave in Thailand since last month.

Kunan, who was 38, died around 1 a.m. Friday after sending air tanks to the trapped boys to replenish their air supply. He lost consciousness while returning from a chamber in the cave, Seal commander Arpakorn Yookongkaew said in a news conference, according to The Evening Standard. Kunan’s diving buddy was unable to resuscitate him, and he was pronounced dead shortly after.

It is possible Kunan died because he ran out of oxygen trying to get to a command center about 1.2 miles inside the flooded cave.

Great Salute Sir.

2. Richard Harris – The Heart

Anesthetist and expert cave diver Dr. Richard Harris bravely made his way into the cave on Sunday afternoon to carry out medical visits to the 12 boys and their coach. After the health check-up, Dr. Harris found some of the boys were too weak to be allowed to remain in the cave and regain their strength, as originally planned.

In his assessment, he urged Thai authorities to dramatically change their initial strategy to extract the strongest boys first and to instead take the weaker boys out as soon as possible. Following Dr. Harris’ advice, four of the 12 trapped young boys were brought to safety hours after his consultation.

Dr. Harris was meant to be on holiday but instead found himself putting his own life at risk to venture into the Chiang Rai cave to medically assess the 12 boys and their coach trapped inside.

He responded to the call for help from Thai authorities when he was named specifically by the British diving team leading the mission as the best person for the job, with his medical skills and 30 years’ diving experience.

“They are the toughest blokes and kids I’ve ever had the privilege to meet,” Dr Harris said.

Australian anesthetist Richard Harris, who played a key role in rescuing the boys’ soccer team in Thailand, lost his father shortly after the rescue’s finish.

3. Ekkapo Chantawong – The Coach
Ake was reportedly born in Myanmar and lost his parents at a young age.

Before becoming a football coach, he spent several years as a Buddhist monk and learned how to conserve energy by restricting movements and meditating. According to local news reports, he taught these techniques to the boys in the cave.

In his letter, Ake apologized to the parents for taking the boys into the cave network, but several replied to say they did not blame him.

“I promise I will take care of the kids as best as I can,” Ake wrote.

Some media reports suggest that when the group was found Ake was the weakest, having refused to eat any of the food they had brought with them, giving it instead to the boys.

His note also included a message to both his aunt and grandmother, informing them that he was “fine”.

“Do not worry too much about me. Take good care of your health

4. Wild Boars – The Strong


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