Man orders Laptop on Amazon Prime Day gets Wooden Sticks Instead

Amazon, A story of mediocrity

When we think about the company Amazon, all that comes to our mind is the mega brand value, customer service and most importantly the trust. Being one of the ardent patrons of Amazon, with all the trust like any other loyal customer would have, ordered a Lenovo laptop worth sixty thousand rupees after waiting a fortnight for the so-called Amazon prime day.

Amazon Prime Day Story

As the order was placed in a prime account, the order was delivered soon, but with a shocker. When I opened the package with all the excitement, all I found was some junk of wooden pieces shoveled inside the laptop compartment. Believe me, it was a shocker, a real shocker.

The 12 Prime Days

After spending a hefty amount, it must be one. In spite of the disappointment, as a loyal customer, I immediately reported to the customer service who were quick enough to acknowledge the issue, collected all the vital information. They had initially requested me to wait for a maximum of five working days, which I did. Though I had the regular mail communication with them, all I got was a wave of automated lifeless responses. When I called them up again on the fifth day, oh I forgot to mention that it was not an easy task talk to Amazon customer care guys, which will at least take one hour to get a valid and concrete response.

Well, when I contacted them the fifth day, they had come up with a dumb response that their investigation at the carrier side was pending with the status ‘Customer is not reachable’. Well, am not sure why there is a need for the carriers to contact me in spite of me giving them all the information needed and in fact they had even contacted me the very second day and I had given them the information too. So finally the customer care had promised me to hold for another three working days, within which the issue will be resolved. Again it was a shocker for me when I tried to contact them on the seventh day.

After the course of one hour of ordeal customer care experience, I got the same update of ‘Customer not reachable’ which was evident to be a case of fraud and process inefficiency. For the third time, with all the cheesy words they requested me to hold for another three working days for an update. Being a management student, whose life is solely dependent on the laptop for all the assignments and presentations,“I am unable to express the mental agony and pain I had gone through.”

The Amazon customer service had virtually harassed me mentally with their process inefficiency.

Why would a big brand take ten days for an update, leave the resolution part, am talking about an update? They don’t even have a say on their delivery partners. When we trust them solely and invest a huge amount on them, all they do is to play with our hard earned money. It is astonishing to realize that an international brand can display a show of mediocre and poor customer service. 

Finally, On the day twelve, I had received an update from them stating that my order will be refunded within five working days. Wow! Finally, they had come up with something worth enough which forced me to write this post.


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