The Reason Why Everyone Love Friendship Day

A best friend is someone who makes you laugh when you think you will never even smile again!

Here comes the first week Sunday of the August month, which is celebrated as the “friendship day”. It is all about celebrating the people who make our lives a celebration. There is nothing as a term called “bad friend” because in our perspective every friend of ours is good in our own way.

There is no friendship at first sight :

Romance can bloom on the very first sight too. But friendship never happens with a single moment spark. The longer the friendship, the closer they become to you. The more you talk the more you get to know. The talk maybe over a coffee lunch and sometimes can happen over online too. For some, it may take years to trust a person. I personally had trust issues because of which I never had so many close buddies. But I made sure when I had one, I could trust them with my life. Some proved me right while some didn’t. Surely it’ll take time for someone to become your soulmate from a stranger, in the tiring process some may just wear off some may stick on to you even through hurricanes.

That one person:

Every one of us will have that ‘one friend’ to whom you can talk any shit without being judged. I can’t assure you’ll never have any fight or turmoil in that friendship. There is no relationship without fights. Sometimes for people going through seriously tough phases in life, a lover may just soothe you but only a friend can heal you. That one friend can act as protective as your brother, as affectionate as your lover, as understanding as your mother, eventually, they become an integral part of your life forever, which may sometimes make you seem as very dependant also.

Make new friends:

When people’s need change, people change. Their attitude towards their friend too changes, so never mind letting a few friends go off. It needs the courage to let people go off you. But you need to understand you always need to make new friends so that you don’t lag behind anywhere. Every friendship day, for the past few years I make sure I renew a friendship which got broken along the way. So friends are the driving factors which keeps you moving, never leave behind a chance to meet new people and make new friendships.

The one true friend :

Every person on Earth has many dark periods of life. Whenever they look back they must have had someone helping them. But for most of us, it is not the same person who help us through everything. People do start hating you and friends too can abandon you. But if you recollect all your darkest memories there will always be one person always standing up for you. And that is ‘YOU’.  You can only be your constant best friend. You are always available to you. You can share anything and everything with you without being judged. So start loving the friend in you and life will become easier.

Anyone who helps you and makes you grow is your friend. Each and every person reading this is helping me grow so HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY to the friend reading this.

I’d like to dedicate this article to the friend I’ve tortured much and been so dependent on for everything. He is my personal editor and mentor, thank you Surya for being with me even at my worst. So it’s a good opportunity for you all to thank your friends on this day!

You too can dedicate a message to your friends on Friendship Day @

Author Dharshaa,

Paramedical student at Madras Medical Mission. A voracious reader, having a lot of interest in writing and very good at putting myself in other’s shoes. I do have a great passion for cooking and traveling.


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