Another Virus Worse Than Corona Found!

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Yes, Fear is the Deadliest Virus Found!

Several diseases spread in the last decade. This Virus that has been spread from china and now outburst to most parts of the world is Corona or the COVID-19. It is really scary but is it worth panic? Fear is the deadliest virus of them all! Let’s have a little overview of the spread of this virus in numbers. Our human body has mutated over so many years and has come across many diseases that humanity has faced over the past decade. This is one of the threats to mankind in recent days.


About 112,800+ around the world and more than 3,660+ deaths so far from the COVID-19. There is also a number which says 60,920+ have cured so far! The percentage is very less and panic still stays on the peak. It is even heartbreaking to hear the story of a man in Andhra Pradesh. He killed himself with a false assumption that he might have been affected by this virus. Then it was proved that he wasn’t affected. Fear kills more people.

Where the currently affected patient’s count is around 43,000, those who are still under observation. Where about one million cases are from china, which makes you 95% away from worry.

Even if you get this virus by chance, 81% of the cases are mild and can be cured just by treating the symptoms and regular health watch. 14% are moderate and can be cured with a long term health care and proper medication.
Only 5% are very critical and have chances of leading to death.

The Sars has a 10% fatality rate but this COVID-19 has only 2% which is only 2%-2.5% making your worry even less.
Getting a deeper look into the numbers varied on age, we see that the death rate of people dying by the virus below 45 age is only 0.21%!

Guide to the Coronavirus!

The majority of people get recovered soon. There is no need to crib on the virus issue. If you’re not above 45 years and have no connection with China, then you are likely to get back to your routine with no fear and just be little precautious. Numbers don’t lie! numbers are the prime language of this universe!

if you’re still not convinced about this, about,

27,000+ people die due to cancer.
24,000+ people die by heart disease.
10,000+ people suicide per day, by depression.
6,000+ people die by poverty and hunger
4,400+ people die because of diabetes.

which is 30 times more than the virus infected! Aids kill more than millions per year, but no one still spreads the awareness of using a condom or medicine to stop it.

Cherish your day and stop panicking. We are advanced and evolved for more than billions of years and our sciences are most advanced. Stop the panic and do these regular habits to keep yourself safe from any kind of bacteria or virus.
stay away from crowds.

Wear a mask if you don’t want others to be affected. Check the doctor in case you find it difficult to breathe.

Stay Cautious Stay Safe!

Let’s Think, Act & React Together!

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