Clap And Thank People Working Day And Night To Fight Against COVID19!

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Patients who have been affected by the virus tend to make large numbers of antibodies against an infecting pathogen. The doctors and nurses have been working day and night in collecting and transfusing a survivor’s serum or plasma, as the process of the treatment. The liquid portion of blood left once cells and platelets have been removed, doctors could potentially boost an ailing patient’s immune response gradually day-by-day, as we can see China is now free to from the virus and no new cases have been seen so far.

Doctors in China, India, US, Italy, and other countries have begun treating COVID-19 patients with plasma harvested from survivors and have reported somewhat positive results, the face masks they wear, the food and other restrictions they faced, the extreme difficult condition they are going especially when the method is applied early in the disease, is equal to a suicide mission. These doctors receive great respect.

The risks of this pandemic are far too real. With hopes, the personal situation serves as a signal for all health-care workers, and others, to be vigilant about their health, Doctors once again proved that they have them at most responsibility at times of crisis.

The honorable Prime Minister of India was addressing the nation on 19-3-2020 evening in light of the coronavirus outbreak.

He also urged countrymen to thank people like doctors, medical personnel and cleaning staff for their service on Sunday at 5 PM.

This is the way of showing our dignity to the doctors by standing out of our homes and clap for those doctors, let his echo throughout the nation to the ears of those humble doctors.

Redoact requested all people to step out of the house in the coming few weeks only if extremely necessary and work from home as much as possible. we also urge senior citizens above the age of 60 years to stay at home in the coming days. This is to keep the spread of the virus down and reduce the spread of it.

The government is taking all necessary steps to ensure the supply of essential commodities the people need not go for panic buying. Redoact’s request to the business community to take care of the economic needs of their employees by not deducting their salary if they are not able to come to work due to his issue.

The Government has decided to constitute a Task Force under the Chairmanship of Finance Minister which will interact with all the stakeholders for the betterment of the country. For a developing country like India with a huge population, the coronavirus will not be easy to deal with. Everyone takes up a gesture to stay home and Clap at 5:00 PM for those Honorable doctors, the hardworking nurses, the biologist behind the research, clap for yourself for being a responsible citizen and staying indoors.

Join Us To Clap And Thank People Working Day And Night To Fight Against COVID19!

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