Content Guidelines

Editorial Guidelines


Effective: July 1, 2018

Here are some best practices we suggest to help you have the greatest success with your stories:

Overall Style

Articles on The Redoact blogs are generally written using an informal writing style.

This means writing in a conversational fashion rather than the more formal style you probably learned at school. In most cases you should also:

  • State your point early in the article
  • Use casual, familiar language
  • Write in clear, direct and succinct sentences
  • Avoid writing in a manner that is intellectually showy or arrogant
  • Try to integrate your personal writing voice

Article Length

The Redoact requests articles in the 500–1,000 words range. In practice, the average length of the popular posts in most sections is around 1,000 words, except for Travel, which is around 600 words (compensated by the inclusion of images).

Use the right tags

You can tag your stories with up to five tags to help readers find your work. Accurately and carefully tagging your post will increase its potential distribution and exposure to the right audience.

Finishing touches matters

Use an appropriate title and subtitle to best reflect your idea and to help promote it in post listings on and off the platform. We strongly recommend scanning for typos before publishing and sharing.

Images count

Redoact posts with one or more quality images relevant to the content perform better both on redoact and when shared on other networks. Double-check to make sure you’re not violating copyright or licensing with your images. Free resources like Pexels, Pixabay, and Unsplash are great for sourcing Creative Commons-licensed images.

Keep the conversation going

If you receive responses to your post, engage with your readers by responding to them and applauding for their responses, where appropriate.

Original content only

For the content you set for membersincluding all writing and imagesyou must either own the copyright, have explicit permission to use it, or have a good faith belief that you are using it lawfully. Stories where the content is clipped with the sole purpose of linking to the rest of the article on a different website are not permitted. Cross-posting content you have published elsewhere is allowed provided it follows the aforementioned copyright guidelines.

Prohibited conduct

The following are not eligible for inclusion as member-only content — posts or accounts that:

  • Advocate or promote intolerance or prejudice against individuals or groups, including the use of scientific or pseudo-scientific claims to pathologize, dehumanize, or disempower others
  • Gratuitously use profanity or excessively graphic language and images for the purposes of shock or incitement
  • Glorify, celebrate, downplay, or trivialize violence, suffering, abuse, or deaths
  • Exist mainly to target, shame, intimidate or harass identified, identifiable or anonymous people
  • Dox someone, including by exposing personal information or aggregating of public information
  • Review businesses or products in an inflammatory or abusive manner
  • Consist of unsubstantiated, unverified, or misleading claims and reporting

If you violate these rules

Redoact reserves the right to review posts or accounts at any time and stop payment for any post or to any account, and/or remove from the content that violates these Content Guidelines. In deciding whether something has violated the Rules and Guidelines, we will take into account things like the context, newsworthiness, and nature of the posted information and applicable privacy laws. Repeated violations of the Rules and Requirements will result in permanent ineligibility to participate.

Reporting content

If you see member-only content that you believe violates these rules and guidelines, please flag the post in the product or send them to for review.