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Don’t come out! This is the time we have to stay indoors to stop the massive spread of this Corona Virus, the spread of this virus can be contained only by stopping its spread. It is being proven by scientists that this virus can live only for 14 days. If every man stays indoors just for this period then the spread of the virus can be stopped very easily and things can get back to normal life at this time. But, if we are lethargic to this virus then the results will be worse than we can imagine.

There is an estimate that about 1/3 of the world’s population can be eradicated because of this virus. Being home is the only best method that can be taken into action. The MNC companies plan to open by the Monday after the Sunday 22nd Janata Curfew. The one day can maybe reduce the next few days raise index but will not stop the spread of the virus.

Being India, the country with the second-largest population on the planet, the companies and other industries who have people working will face a great negative impact if they open by Monday.

The virus will continue to spread even after the Janata Curfew. A period of at least two weeks must be given for the virus to stop its spread. Redoact requests the people to stay indoors and spend time with your loved ones and family in this chaos. Being responsible is important than being at work.

We won’t get this time back! You can earn money later but you cannot earn health and precious life.

Let’s Think, Act & React Together!

Sincerely Team Redoact

Sign the petition below if you agree this should happen to bring the situation under control!

#LetsBreakTheChain. Sign The Petition!

This petition is now closed.

End date: Mar 23, 2020

Signatures collected: 37

Signature goal: 100000

37 signatures

Signature goal: 100000

Latest Signatures
37 Sankar S. Mar 23, 2020
36 Vinoth K. Mar 22, 2020
35 Sangeetha A. Mar 22, 2020
34 Venkatesan R. Mar 22, 2020
33 Adithya K. Mar 22, 2020
32 Gomathi R. Mar 22, 2020
31 Lalith K. Mar 22, 2020
30 Ganesh R. Mar 22, 2020
29 Ajay K. Mar 22, 2020
28 Helen C. Mar 22, 2020
27 Arun kumar M. Mar 22, 2020
26 Arun S. Mar 22, 2020
25 swati i. Mar 22, 2020
24 Gayatri R. Mar 22, 2020
23 Manish J. Mar 22, 2020
22 Vijay N. Mar 22, 2020
21 Sabyasachi M. Mar 22, 2020
20 Mekala S. Mar 22, 2020
19 Chandra Kala G. Mar 22, 2020
18 Jaheer B. Mar 22, 2020
17 roshan C. Mar 22, 2020
16 Dinesh C. Mar 22, 2020
15 Sreedharshaa S. Mar 22, 2020
14 Hari K. Mar 22, 2020
13 Sunil B. Mar 22, 2020
12 Balajee V. Mar 21, 2020
11 Sucheendran P. Mar 21, 2020
10 Priya S. Mar 21, 2020
9 sahil g. Mar 21, 2020
8 Aswini R. Mar 21, 2020
7 Suman K. Mar 21, 2020
6 Seetha S. Mar 21, 2020
5 Suresh K. Mar 21, 2020
4 kalai g. Mar 21, 2020
3 Sayeram B. Mar 21, 2020
2 Abhinav S. Mar 21, 2020
1 Sriram B. Mar 21, 2020

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