Project “The Homeless”


Project “The Homeless”

This Project “The Homeless” is an initiative by Redoact for the welfare of the Homeless people in the streets. About 42,000+ people reside in places in and around Chennai. We’ve planned to adopt the homeless people with an oath to feed them regularly in the areas covering Chennai and its surroundings.

An estimate says that about 3 of 10 homeless people die of hunger. They do not get food at times and tend to starve for days. A small contribution to help the poor people get bread and biscuit packets will give big smiles unmatched by any better gift given to oneself or a loved one.

A little donation for these basic things like food and water required for their everyday survival will give them immense pleasure and every donor is a hero to the homeless. One can gift this for any occasion like birthday, children’s birthday, parent’s birthday, anniversary, baby showers, or any such happy occasion; celebrate that with the poor souls.

Why are they homeless?

There are homeless people on the streets we come across every day. They include men and women as well. Due to some unbearable situations and uncertain happenings, they have ended up their lives on the streets with dust and dirt. It is not the only reason that they are poor; there are many other reasons which are unknown why they are homeless. Yes, the government is taking steps to help them but they try to help by giving them jobs that are not going to work with the homeless people.

We find them near holy places, bus stands, and railway stations with pitiful eyes and a hungry stomach which will sue any hard-hearted man to step forward to help.

Why help the homeless?

We have a home, a place to cook good food, a comfortable place to sleep. But we still complain about the facilities we have, despite appreciating we complain of what’s missing. This campaign is also to physiologically make everyone understand the luxury of living with happiness than money. This campaign helps the homeless benefit and also the donors by a little self-realization and self-satisfaction. If you have helped a homeless once in your life, you will know the preciousness of their smile when you help them. It is a pure unadulterated blessing in the form of thanks!

Why not a job for the homeless?

The homeless people are mostly above the age of 55; they are weak and cannot do a job easily. Even if it’s a night watchman job, they do not have enough strength to work. It’s a part of our duty to help the fellow beings in the society who are unable to lead a life due to uncertain circumstances. Many have tried to put homeless people in a working environment and about more than 90% have left the job or couldn’t cope up with the pressure. That’s the reason we took this project to help homeless people.

Our plans for the homeless!

Redoact does have other fascinating plans for the homeless and a change in their livelihood. Starting with food then we have plans to build them a home, have good clothes and finally give them smiles which is our greatest honor of what we are doing. Every penny of the donations is made sure they reach the homeless in the right way for their food needs.

Project “The Homeless” Campaigns

Redoact’s Project “The Homeless” focuses on 4 campaigns which are the 4 basic needs for the homeless to survive are food for the homeless, medicine for their wellness, clothes for admiring, and shelters for staying in.

The Impact of Our Project “The Homeless”

The Impact Of Bread & Biscuits Campaign!

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